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Relox – Home Services

  • Renovation Project Management
  • Sale & Rental of Apartments / Houses
  • Maintenance, Gardening, Removal
  • "House-Sitting" while on holiday or abroad

Relox – Legal Services

  • General Legal Consulting
    (incl. Employment & Tenancy Law)
  • Real Estate Legal Consulting
  • Immigration Law
  • Tax Law & Fiduciary Services

Relox – Relocation Services

  • Apartment/House search, incl. prior tax assessment 
  • Moving your furniture & help you settle in 
  • Analyse, evaluate and inspect schools 
  • Assistance regarding authorities, tv and phone providers, banks and insurances
  • Provision of documentation on culture, customs and infrastructure
  • New: Doggy day- and holiday care on the farm near Horgen/ZH
  • New: German Lessons - private or group - practical approach, real-life-situation learning, little grammar

Relox – Social Events

We organise social events such as diner parties, ski weekends, hiking & mushroom-search trips, concerts etc. 

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Our Mission and Approach

Our principals have lived in an intercultural Swiss-Australian marriage and parenthood for nearly ten years (mainly in Switzerland, partly in Australia), and having experienced the challenges and difficulties for migrants into Switzerland themselves, they want to provide their clients with helpful assistance to make them feel at home in Switzerland as easily and comfortably as possible.

Our focus lies on English speaking migrants to Switzerland. We see ourselves as "humanitarian workers" with a humanistic approach, which means that we dont hesitate to invest all the expertise, time, energy and empathy we have in order to exceed expectations and to facilitate the lives of our clients when migrating to Switzerland.

It is not our goal to make as much money as possible with our clients. We consider ourselves happy if we can win the trust of our clients and accompany them a short way in their pursuit of happiness, and if our dedication and empathic work are being valued as effective and efficient results. We consider the monetary compensation of such work results not the primary motivation for our work, but a nice side effect. This said, we are flexible to adapt our fees to the financial situation of our clients. 

We treat every client as an individual person, independent of his cultural, racial, religious or professional background. Therefore, we spend lots of time listening and talking to our clients in order to get the full picture of their personalities, dreams, expectations and very specific daily obstacles in their new lives in Switzerland. Based on this information only, we allow ourselves to propose specific and individualistic advice.


Most of our clients move to Switzerland for a work assignment and their employer might help them find accommodation for the first time.

But whats next?

  • How do we find a trustworthy painter who paints our house while we’re on holiday?
  • An English speaking doctor?
  • A lawyer which does not only cost a lot but really solves a problem?
  • Which school for the kids?
  • Which of these Swiss mountains to climb first and how to get there?

You’ll see: That’s what we are here for!

Scenario N° 1

Purchase and Renovation of an old House

Let's say your employer provides you with accommodation for the first few month, which gives you time to find a suitable permanent home. You want to buy an old house and renovate it. 

How we can help you here: 
First, according to your (work) visa, we will check whether you are legally allowed to buy and own property in Switzerland or whether we might have to find you a rental apartment or house.

Then, we make a first tax assessment based on your income/assets as in Switzerland, every town and every canton has different tax rates, which might have an influence on the area you start looking for properties. Therefore, whether you'll buy/rent in the city of Zug instead of Zurich can make you save up to 100% of difference in tax. And if you're wealthy, we assist you with the negotiations to get a flat-tax agreement. 

Once you provide us with the specifications of your wanted house, we will search the market for a suitable match, and will provide you with all the information to enable you to do your own search. 

Once we know the details of your renovation plans and found a couple of suitable objects, we will - prior to start negotiations with the seller or his agent - check with architects whether your renovation plans can be legally implemented in the chosen properties. In order to make sure that you don't go over your budget for purchase & renovations, we will get builders and tradesmens quotes.  

We can project manage your renovation project or help you find the right person for the job. This means we supervise the builders and tradepeoples progress and cost and make sure you get the quality you want and pay for, in the specified time and within the specified budget. 

Later, if your company assigns you to a different country, together we evaluate whether you should keep the house and rent if out or sell it, taking into account possible capital gains tax on your property and show you ways how to minimise or avoid them. If you decide to hold on to your house and rent it out, we will assist you in finding the right tenants and manage their account while you're abroad. 

Scenario N° 2

Legal Issues

Imagine you have a legal issue with your employer, your landlord, your neighbor or the immigration office. 

How we can help you here:
We start with a legal assessment of the situation and then decide whether we have the expertise and capacity to assist you with legal advice ourselves or whether you're best served with a specialised lawyer for your case (we do solicitor's, but not barrister's work, meaning we avoid going to court but try to resolve issues with a mediation / negotiation approach instead). 

Once we concluded that you need a barrister, we will monitor the barristers work, cost and progress to make sure you only pay for what you need.

Scenario N° 3

The Quest for the right Nanny

Lets say you need a nanny but only the thought of all the work entailed is daunting: finding a forum to post an ad, preselection, interviews, drafting an employment agreement etc. 

How we can help you here:
You tell us what person you imagine, and we do all the legswork and present you a couple of suitable candidates and draw up the employment agreement. We do advise you on your rights and obligations towards your nanny and vice versa.

Scenario N° 4

Organizing a perfect Swiss Holiday for your foreign Friends

Imagine you want to invite your friends from oversees to visit you in Switzerland and want to show them around, but don't know yet the "Highlights" of Switzerland - plus you don't have the time to organise it all yourself. Lets say your friends like trekking, playing Golf, going to concerts, and love shopping.

How we can help you here:
We help you organise – based on your ideas and your budget – a perfect “tourist week” including accommodation, transport, suggestions or reservations for good restaurants, a day on the driving range and a two day trekking adventure with an overnight stay in an alphut.

If you dont require a custom-made plan, we can also provide you with more general information on where and when to go - i.e. Carneval in Lucerne and Basel in February, Open Air Jazz Concerts in the Ticino or St. Moritz in Summer, or the Santa Clause Parade in Zurich in December. 

About Us

your wish is our command

Markus Frei Willis

Markus is Swiss citizen and permanent Australian resident, has grown up in Switzerland and holds an M.A. in Economics and an M.A. in Law. He has been working for a couple of years as a solicitor in major Zurich business law firms, as business manager in a boutique investment company in Lucerne/Dubai, as deputy business manager with an apartment rental provider in Zurich and as a legal consultant to an art gallery in Gstaad before he started his own real estate development projects in 2010.

His areas of specialisation are:

  • General Legal Consulting
  • Property Development and Renovation Project Strategy & Management
  • Relocation Services
Markus is fluent in German, English and French and has a basic understanding in Spanish and Russian.

Mob.   +41 76 726 99 11


Natalie Willis

Natalie is Australian and - since summer 2015 - Swiss citizen, has grown up in Australia and has been working for 15 years as a real estate agent and independent real estate developer in Sydney/Australia. In addition, she holds a B.A. in Arts, Politics and Law and has operated for years as an independent strategic legal consultant. Natalie has been living in Switzerland since 2009 and has been working on numerous renovation projects in Switzerland during this period. 

Her areas of specialisation are:

  • Property Development and Renovation Project Strategy & Management
  • Purchase/Sale of Properties
  • Interior Design and Decoration
  • Relocation Services 

Natalie speaks English and High German.                                                                                                         

Mob.  +41 78 925 11 04 


Our Network of Partners

Part of our business are property development and renovation projects in Zurich/Switzerland as well as in Sydney/Australia. Therefore we work with minimal permanent staff but with partner firms, which we contract for specific projects and jobs and with whom we have worked for years and can rely and trust them.

  • Builders, Tradespeople and Renovation Companies
  • Architects and Draftspersons
  • Removalists and Cleaners
  • Specialised Lawyers (e.g. tax law) and Fiduciaries
  • Real Estate Agents and (furnished) Accommodation Providers
  • Banks and Insurance Companies 


Projects, Events, Jobs, News

Currently no Projects/Events scheduled

Helpers for Renovation work wanted

We are looking for helpers (experienced or unexperienced) to renovate an old house in the area Horgen/ZH. Interested? Please contact us by Email

Job-Posting: Looking for Personal Assistant

We are looking for a Personal Assistant from beginning of 2016, part time (ca. 2 days/week).  

We are property and renovation managers, relocation agents and renovation consultants and need a Personal Assistant. 

Preferrably a young male (aged ca. 25-35) which would deal with all sorts of administrative tasks (regarding purchase and renovation or properties, customer service for relocation clients), but also willing to help out with his own two hands if needed (moving furniture, assistance in renovation projects, property maintenance). As we also organise social events with adults and kids, must be willing and eager to participate in the preparation and execution of such events. 



The candidate needs to have a driving licence, preferrably his own car, must speak (Swiss) German and English fluently, flexible and motivated. 

Interested? Please contact Marcus us on or mobile 076 726 99 11  


Zurich - Zug - Lucerne

We provide our services mainly in the area of
Zurich - Zug - Lucerne. 

We live near Horgen/ZH, 30 minutes away from these three cities. We can meet you at your place or in or around one of these cities.

Our office is located in Wallisellen, between Zurich city and the Airport. 

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